MOOD SWINGS: The Single Most Important Thing You Need To Know

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Mood Swing Adventures - Chained By Internal Turbulence! Part 1

Dear Inner Self,

Somewhere between dealing with our own sins on one hand and sickness on the other, is a term in the Bible called "infirmities"...infirmities from from the Greek translation mean feebleness of body or mind [implicating - (malady: illness - a physical or psychological disorder or disease/problem - a condition or situation that is problematic and requires a remedy)]

Mood Swings


If you look at a tree you will see many rings of the development history of that tree. There are rings on that tree that shows where it experienced a drought or maybe too much rain, maybe where it was hit by a storm or even a ring that shows where it was diseased at one it is with our lives.

Inner self, me as a woman can wear the facade mask and the fake mask and others to cover the real hurt, ancient hurt and repressed hurt that lies beneath in the core of my heart and these hurts cause mood swings in my life....It's now time for me to to operate in the zone of #breakingthecomfortzone

Damaged Goods

Damaged many times as a woman considered myself damaged goods because I have been abused by a man, slept around with so many men and much more can fit into this category...but I want to use a definition from the Urban Dictionary that really relates to Mood states that...

Damaged good is someone who was once healthy and/or normal but isn't anymore due to unfortunate , traumatic events in his/her life (i.e., physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse, drug abuse, divorce..etc.)

Due to the nature of these traumatic events as mentioned above, I become "CHAINED BY INTERNAL TURBULENCE".... well you ask...What does that mean? Let me explain....

Turbulence is a state of condition of confusion, movement or agitation.

This listing of turbulence is just some of the kinds of mood swings that I have as well as other women have experienced: confusion...turmoil...unrest...instability...storm: a violent or sudden attack of a fortified place (YOU ARE THE FORTIFIED PLACE IN GOD!)...boiling: heated to past the boiling point (ARE WE GUILTY OR WHAT?)...disorder: an ailment that affects the function of the mind and body {Ladies, if the doctor has diagnosed you with bipolar disorder, manic depression, postpartum depression, etc., these are just higher level mood swings}...agitation...commotion...upheaval: a sudden violent disruption or upset...and many more.

When I think of ALL these kinds of mood swings going on, on the inside of me and possibly another woman indeed, NOW I can relate to how I was and so many women are CHAINED by them! Chained meaning...the process of combining multiple behaviors into a continuous sequence linked together by cues and maintained by a reinforcer at the end of the chain. Each cue serves as the marker and the reinforcer for the previous behavior and the cue for the next behavior.

Inner self, are you dealing with mood swings? Has it become critical to you on a day to day basis? Inner self, there is help available to you! Inner self YOU can get through this! Inner self what changes would you like to see within? Inner self are you ready to work on YOU or is it comfortable in there because you can get attention? Inner self what are you doing?

10 years ago I presented this to a group of women where some was changed through a process of time and some immediately became unchained because of a decision to #breakthecomfortzone and understanding that #thefightisfixed and you can #livealifeofvictory.

Written by Vanessa Johnson

Original: May 16th, 2009

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