The Conglomerate

The works of my hands are truly blessed! I am blessed and highly favored! In order for me to be the CEO of these successful Conglomerates, my guiding principles for life and living are biblically based, values driven, socially impactful, interculturally appealing and relevant to the times in which I live. I live, move and have my being under an Open Heaven and because of this, I walk and live in the realm of wealth and abundance!

The Fight Is Fixed™ Media Group

Sonship Publishing

Where we position Authors and Writers to Soar!

Let's Dominate Travel

Traveling at wholesale prices anywhere in the world!

Dunamis Dominion LLC and Dunamis Homes of Divine Intervention Inc.

Providing Consulting and Professional Services relating to Opening, Managing & Sustaining your own Transitional Housing Facility.

The Fight Is Fixed™ The Conglomerate LLC

Our Mission is to be a History-Maker catalyst of change and empowerment by pioneering paths of victory others dare to take!

Make Your Story Legendary Magazine

A phenomenal Magazine geared to sharing the ahh-mazing stories of domestic violence and sexual assault survivors!

Boujee V LLC

Providing fashion in many different styles as well as custom made T-shirts and other items.

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