Meet Vanessa

Life of Victory Strategist & Coach

Gamechanger | Empowerment Speaker

Bestselling Author | Breaking the Comfort Zone Strategist

At 50 years old, the prime of her life, Vanessa is a sought after Business & Life of Victory Strategist and Coach that has used her past to prime her present.


Vanessa can attest to being broken-hearted, messed-up, cast down, abused and cast out! Her life has been through a tsunami of tornado experiences from sexual molestation as a child (between 7 and 8 years old) to domestic violence and sexual abuse as a high school teenager and young adult (age 16.5-22) to a state of marriage survivorship and innermost struggles (age 30-36) to a traumatic separation leading to a divorce (age 36-40), bouncing into another marriage after God said “NO” twice (age 43-49) and now (age 50-present) living and walking out the abundant life that God has created for her.


Vanessa's greatest challenge through all of the above was to ensure that she never mask herself again but to stand in Victory and proclaim the goodness of God and that He shall deliver you.

If you're looking for a high energy, empowering and transformational speaker for your event, whether its for a breakout session, keynote presentation, panel discussion, podcast interview, consultant or any virtual event, Vanessa will rise to the occasion. A faith walking, mounting moving fortress at every event, Vanessa has changed the lives of many people. She has been empowering audiences for many years. As a Gamechanger and Trendsetter, memorable, impactful and life-changing only begins to describe the environment and atmosphere she carries with her in a room.

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